VALLARITY Swedish Vallhunds

VALLARITY Swedish Vallhunds


Our Girls

NZCH Vallarity Aira Force

NZCH Vallarity Aira Force

NZCH Vallarity Aira Force "Buffy"

9 May 2022

Sire: Vallarity Optimus Prime 

Dam: Ch Rusern Brynhildr Imp UK

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4x Baby Puppy In Group

3x Puppy In Group

1x Puppy In Show

1x Minor Puppy In Group

17x Junior In Group

1x Reserve In Group

2x Junior In Show

Vallarity Penny Arcade "Mindy"

11 November 2018

Sire: Ch Vanaheim Alchemy With Vallarity RN

Dam: Vallarity Hopscotch

Only competed in 3 shows for 1x Baby Puppy In Show and 2x Baby Puppy In Group

Tussi Matriline

Vallarity Vallkyrie "Pippin"

28 May 2021

Sire: Torvall Private Pike At Vallarity 

Dam: Ascalon Secret Squirrel imp Aust

Tussi Matriline

Vallarity Two Step "Jessie"

20 November 2020

Sire: Ch Vallarity Highland Fling

Dam: Vallarity Penny Arcade 

Tussi Matriline